The following description of how to create a sub-theme is based on the "Creating a sub-theme" documentation on, so make sure to check it out in case you want some deeper insight on the subject.

That said, we will not go too much into the details but give you just the basics to let you hit the ground running.

Getting started

basically there are three easy options to create the subtheme:

  1. use drush with $ drush omega-wizard and select ERPAL theme as base theme
  2. duplicate the erpal-theme, refactor the themename and set the base-theme dependency (see step #2.1)
  3. create the whole shebang by hand

here we want to show you the basic steps on how to create the subtheme by hand, as it also covers all the important steps when refactoring the theme-name.

1. Create a new theme folder

Locate the sites/all/themes/ folder inside your ERPAL installation and create a new folder for your sub-theme.

Please be aware, that the folder must start with an alphabetical character and only contain lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (e.g. my_awesome_subtheme).

No magic so far.

2. Create the basic theme content

2.1. .info-file

Your new subtheme needs some additional config, that will be done in the (or however you named your theme). It is important that the file-name resembles the folder-name.

This is what the basic content should look like:

name = My awesome subtheme
description = This is a sub-theme of ERPAL Theme
core = 7.x
base theme = erpal_theme

Again, make sure to adjust the sub-theme-name.

The .info-file is also the place where you can add or exclude stylesheets and javascripts amongst other configuration.

3. Clear cache

Configuration » Development » Performance » "Clear all caches", you know the deal, right?

Or use

drush cc all

4. Enable your sub-theme

  1. go to: "Appearance"
  2. look for your theme in the "Disabled themes" section
  3. click on "Enable and set as default"

Now your awesome new theme should be first in the list of "enabled themes" and set as default. Cheers!

You can now start adding custom CSS and JavaScript.