A Tab “deliveries” is added to the order. It shows all line-item-budgets. Each budgets has a quantity field and a “deliver” button. The quantity field is prefilled with the available amount of the budget. When the button is clicked a delivery with the according quantity is created and added to the budgets as described as above. Also an invoice-line-item is created for the amount that is booked on a postpaid line-item-budget. A bulk operation can be used to deliver multiple line items (products) at the same time. (Bulk operation is not BETA)

All line-item-budgets show the deliveries (outputs) added to them. This could be in an extra table row that is only shown on a click on the “more info” button.

An extra page, shows a list that shows everything that needs to be delivered, similar to the revenue line item list. (not BETA)