In this section we want to show how you can easily add comments to any content-type.

For that purpose we already included some styles for a basic comment-setup; all you need to do is some site-building, no biggie.

The final result will look something like this: pre-styled comments

1. create a new image style

new image style

  1. go to: Configuration » Media » Image styles » Add style
  2. name the style something like "Comments Avatar"
  3. add effect Scale and crop
  4. set width and height to 60px

2. enable comments

enable comments

  1. go to: Structure » Content types » your-content-type
  2. set Comment settings » Default comment setting for new content to Open

note: already existing content will not have the comments enabled.

3. add comments to the content-type-display

add comments to display

  1. go to: Structure » Content types » your-content-type » manage display
  2. select the respective display-mode (e.g. Full content)
  3. drag the comments into place (for example the Footer region)

note: make sure you got Display Suite UI enabled ($ drush en -y ds_ui)

4. set the display for the comments

sitebuilding 1

sitebuilding 2

  1. go to: Structure » Content types » your-content-type » comment display » layout
  2. select the ERPAL Comments layout
  3. save
  4. drag the fields to match the given setup
  5. set the user picture format to Comments Avatar (or however you named it in step 1)

note: don't forget the lable-config

5. hide subject and author fields

finally: adding the following code to a custom modules my_module.module should do the trick:

 * Implements hook_form_comment_form_alter().
 * Removing unneeded fields from comment form.
function my_module_form_comment_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {
  // Remove subject.

  // Remove author field for users, when not editing.
  if ($form['is_anonymous']['#value'] == false && arg(2) != 'edit') {
    $form['author']['#access'] = false;

  return $form;